7 Top & Easy-to-Maintain Astrological Remedies

7 Top & Easy-to-Maintain Astrological Remedies for Happy & Harmonious Married Life

Marriage is a lifelong commitment that seeks many things from your life. It is a journey of two souls that requires time, sacrifice, dedication, loyalty, care, love, trust, and a sense of responsibility to continue. However, unexpected challenges, miscommunications, misconceptions, and misunderstandings take a toll on the lives of married couples. To win over these challenges and obstacles, Vedic Astrology is here for your help. Today, we will learn the best tips to survive a marriage happily from the most genuine astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy). By implementing these easy tips in your day-to-day routine, you can turn your married life into a happy, harmonious, and balanced marriage. 

Let us have a look and step ahead to lead a happy married life that we all dream of while swapping vows. 

Vedic Astrological Remedies for a Happy Married Life


  1. Wear Light-Colored Dresses: Wear light-colored clothes on Monday and worship lord Shiva for a peaceful and happy married life. It improves your Moon and calms your mind. 
  2. Offer sweets to Deities: You should offer sweets to God and distribute them among the elderly family members to have their blessings.
  3. Lit a Ghee Diya: Light a lamp with ghee every evening at your home. It brings warmth to your marriage and strengthens the bond with positive energies. The lamp should be lit in the southwest direction of your home. It brings positive energies to your home and improves understanding between you and your spouse. 
  4. Worship Mata Laxmi: Worshipping Mata Laxmi appeases the planet Venus, a prime karaka of marriage life. When planet Venus is strong and appeased, it will strengthen your married life with happiness, love, and harmony. So, worship Mata Laxmi on Friday wearing white clothes with your husband/wide, offer flowers and sweets of her choice, and chant the Shukra Mantra. 
  5. Offer Turmeric and Saffron To Mata Laxmi & Vishnu Bhagaban: Yes, Lord Vishnu is worshipped to strengthen Jupiter and Laxmi for Venus. So, if you can offer Saffron and Turmeric with a pinch of milk to Mata Laxmi and Lord Vishnu, your marriage life will be boosted with happiness and harmony. If you can perform this ritual every Thursday and Friday, you can see the results gradually. 
  6. Fasting on Specific Days: If you want to welcome peace in your married life with harmony, start observing fasts on specific days in a week. Observing fast on Monday and Thursday appeases Lord Shiva, Mata Parvati, Lord Vishnu, and Mata Laxmi. It will strengthen the bond between you and your spouse, and you will experience a better emotional bond. 
  7. Planetary Remedies to Improve Married Life: If you want to invoke the blessings of planets in your married life, observe these planet-related rituals by heart. 
  • For Saturn: Offer water to the Sun every day. 
  • For Jupiter: You should donate yellow-colored food like dal, wheat, banana, yellow sweets, turmeric, and yellow clothes to needy people.
  • For Mars: Donate jaggery, honey, red dal, red sweets, and fruits every Tuesday. 
  • For Mercury: Donate green-colored food or dal or chana to needy people on Wednesday. 
  • For Moon: You should donate white-colored food, clothes, and sweets. Also, wear silver ornament. 
  • For Venus: Donate rice and curd to the needy. 

A few astrologers also suggest chanting mantras of Goddess Parvati, Laxmi, and Vishnu to invoke blessings in married life. 




It is better to consult with an astrologer to have the best personalized remedy for a happier and healthier married life. Contact Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), a genuine astrologer in Kolkata to have the best remedy for a happy and harmonious married life. 

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