Angarak Yoga

Decoding Angarak Yoga – The Combination of Mars & Rahu in Different Houses

We all know that Mars is the planet of courage, confidence, strength, vigor, leadership, and fearlessness. To utilize the power of Mars, it is crucial to control your anger and ego; however, it is hard for most of us. Nonetheless, when the shadow planet Rahu is placed with Mars in the same house, the Angarak Yoga is formed. Mars is fire and Rahu is air, and the combination of Rahu and Mars induces the Martian qualities in violent ways. So, in this blog post, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), the famous and genuine astrologer in Rathtala hones our knowledge with rich information on Angarak Yoga. 

So, let us not waste any time and dive deep into the topic…


What is Angarak Yoga in Astrology and its Effects? 


Mars is a fiery planet and the lord of the 1st house (Aries) and 8th house (Scorpio) in the Kalpurush Kundali. Rahu is an airy planet and it is the co-lord of Aquarius. Fire becomes violent when it comes in contact with air. Thus, when Mars and Rahu sit together in a chart, the Angarak Yoga is formed. This yoga induces the maximum bad effects in life including excessive anger issues, the tendency to get involved in conflicts and fights, illegal activities, and an indecisive nature, and the native starts living in an illusive state and chasing such ambitions that are not possible to get fulfilled. 


Results of Angarak Yoga in Different Houses


This yoga provides results according to the houses where it is formed. Let us check out the impacts of Angarak Yog in various houses in the zodiac belt. 

1st House: Angarak yoga in 1st house/Lagna makes the native short-tempered and stubborn. The native makes decisions without much thinking and gets involved in fights. 

2nd House: The native will have harsh speech and talk aloud. He talks lies and takes illegal ways to earn huge money. 

3rd House: Mars and Rahu, both do well in the 3rd house. The native will be an orator/surgeon/writer. 

4th House: Not a good placement. The native remains deprived of the happiness of home and mother. It is not a good sign for married life. 

5th House: The native may excel in arts and sports. He may have an interest in gambling and the share market.

6th House: Very inauspicious for this house. It brings workplace conflict, an indiscipline daily routine, and, trouble for court cases. However, natives will be highly courageous. 

7th House: Very problematic for married life and leads to divorce or separation. Possible extramarital affairs. 

8th House: Indications of fights with in-laws. It creates tremendous depression and chances of accidents. 

9th House: Natives may fly abroad for higher studies. The native might be very religious or might have an interest in other religions. 

10th House: Excellent placement for business in pharmacy, construction, or business related to gas, crude oil, and petroleum agencies. However, it is not a good sign for a job. 

11th House: Native might be a social butterfly. He may get involved in a money-lending business, share market, media, or cinema. 

12th House: The native will be extremely ill-tempered. He might go abroad for income or a job. 

Hope, you enjoyed reading this whole post. If you want to know whether you have Angarak Yoga in your chart, please contact Astrologer Sourav, the most genuine astrologer in Rathtala for a reading. You will have the best reading with result-driven remedies. 

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