Janam Tithi

Discover How Your Janam Tithi Impacts Your Personality & Relationships

Your Janam Tithi can break or make your relationship. Do you know how it happens? Vedic Astrology considers moon sign, nakshatra, ascendant, maha dasha, divisional charts, and a lot more to predict the future. But, what is so special about the Tithi in Vedic Astrology? We will learn it as a whole from the best astrologer in Dunlop, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy). 


What is Tithi in Astrology?


Each day of the month is called Tithi or a Lunar day in Astrology. Each tithi has its significance and it can break or make your relationship. It is not only the relationship you share with your spouse or loved one but also relationships with your family, friends, and others. Your Janam tithi provides a deep impact on your personality, behavior, and fate as well. 

Hence, it is important to discuss your Tithi and Tithi lord to understand how you manage your relationships well. 


Tithi, Tithi Lord & Their Impacts


There are 15 tithis including the Purnima in the Sukhla Paksha and Amavashya in the Krishna Paksha. Let us understand each Tithi one by one. 

  1. Pratipada: The 1st tithi and it is ruled by the Sun. Brahma is the deity. People born in this tithi are intelligent and wealthy as well and manage relationships well. 
  2. Dwitiya: The 2nd tithi, ruled by the Moon. The deity of the tithi is Shri Hari. Natives born in this tithi are very lovable and truth seekers. 
  3. Tritiya: 3rd day of a Lunar Moon cycle and ruled by Mars. The ruling deity is Shri Vishnu. Such people are very passionate and they manage everything well. 
  4. Chaturthi: 4th tithi, ruled by the Mercury, and the deity is the Yama. These people are very charming and seek materialistic comfort more than anything. 
  5. Panchami: The day is controlled by the planet Jupiter and the ruling deity is Chandra. People who are born in this tithi remain morally very strong in their relationships. 
  6. Sashti: The 6th lunar day is controlled by Venus and the ruling deity is Agni Dev. People, born in this day are confident, empathetic, and maintain a huge friend circle. 
  7. Saptami: Saturn rules this 7th day and the Indra is the ruling deity. However, people born in this nakshatra find it hard to manage relationships with family. 
  8. Ashtami: This tithi is controlled by Rahu and the ruling deities are Vasus. Natives born in this day are loyal, and friendly and can maintain healthy relationships with friends and family with their speech.  
  9. Navami: The ninth day is governed by the Sun and the ruling deity is Naga. You people can manage relationships very well. However, you need to be careful about your bold nature and harsh speech. 
  10. Dashmi: The 10th day is controlled by the Moon and the ruling deity is Aryaman. Your strong conviction helps you manage your commitment in relationships. 
  11. Ekadashi: The 11th day of the Lunar cycle is ruled by Mars and the presiding deity is Rudra. You people need to manage your anger to maintain a healthy relationship. 
  12. Dwadashi: The 12th day of the half Lunar month. It is controlled by Mercury and the ruling deity is Aditya. People born in this day are highly aware of their actions to manage relationships. 
  13. Trayodashi: The 13th day of one paksha Jupiter rules this day and the ruling deity is Manmatha ( or Bhaga). These people love to interact with others and are popular among relatives and friends. 
  14. Chaturdashi: The 14th day of the half-Lunar month is controlled by Venus. The ruling deity is Maa Kali. These people are bold born in this day. However, they need to channel their anger to maintain a healthy relationship. 
  15. Purnima: The 15th day of the Sukhla Paksha. The day is ruled by Saturn and the ruling deity is Vishvadevas. People, born in this day are admired by others due to their soft and polite nature. 
  16. Amavasya: The 15th day of Krishna Paksha. The ruling deity is Pitris and the planet is Rahu. People born in this day are introverted and shy as well.  

Hope, you loved reading this blog. If you are curious to know more about the tithi you were born in, contact Astrologer Sourav. He is the best astrologer in Dunlop and he will guide you in the best way. 

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