2nd Marriage Through Your Natal Chart

Discover the Chances of Second Marriage Through Your Natal Chart

Marriages are made in heaven; however, it is not for everyone. Whether you have chosen the wrong partner, your spouse died after a few days of marriage, or you got separated; there is a second chance of second marriage through your natal chart. So, if your first marriage did not survive, but you are expecting someone to have a fresh start, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), an expert and professional marriage astrologer in Rathtala is here for your help.


Today, through this blog, we will learn the connections for 2nd marriage in a chart.


Houses Responsible for 2nd Marriage


There are a few houses in your horoscope that anticipate the chances of a 2nd marriage. Let us have a look,

  • 7th House: We all know that the 7th house represents partnership and it indicates marriage also. So, if any malefic or tamasik planet sits in the 7th house, the chances of 2nd marriage arise.
  • 8th House: It is the house of transformation. It is the sustenance of the 7th house. Hence, if there is any bold, strong, or dubious planet in the 8th house, the chances of 2nd marriage cannot be ignored.
  • 9th House: 9th house is the 3rd house of the 7th house, the house of efforts. Hence, if the house has any malefic planet or it is aspected by malefic or tamasik planets, the chances of 2nd marriage are evidence.
  • 2nd House: Your 2nd house is the 8th house of your 7th house. Hence, the planet that occupies the 2nd house or aspects of the 7th house decides whether you will have a second marriage or not.
  • 1st House: Your lagna holds an important role in deciding whether you will have a 2nd marriage or not. If your 1st lord sits in the 1st house, it sometimes brings ego into the relationship and causes divorce followed by the 2nd marriage.


Planets in 7th House and 2nd Marriage Possibilities 


  • Venus: It is an extremely passionate planet and it seeks the same passion from its partner. If by any way the spark of the relationship goes missing, the chances of 2nd marriage arrive after the deterioration of the 1st marriage.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is a planet of wisdom and righteousness. But, the placement of Jupiter in the 7th house makes a native stoic and leads to disputes in marriage. However, the 2nd marriage brings happiness in the natives’ life.
  • Mercury: It is a neutral planet. The extreme level of intelligence and communication skills does not fit with a partner of low IQ and it creates problems in 1st marriage.
  • Rahu: Extremely malefic for the 7th house. If Rahu is there in the 7th house, the chances of the 2nd marriage get higher.
  • Mars: Mars is a fiery planet. The placement of Mars in the 7th house causes problems in understanding and ends of the 1st marriage. It induces the chances of 2nd marriage.


On a Closing Note,

These connections and placement of planets are not all for a second marriage. These are just a few of the many connections. Still, you can consider this post to understand whether there is a chance of 2nd marriage in your horoscope or not. To have a personalized astrology consultation, contact Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), the famous marriage astrologer in Rathtala.

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