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Food Astrology – Discover Right Food Helps Improving Luck Based on Planets

Do you believe that your food habit impacts your luck? Yes, you have heard just right. The food you like to eat relates to the planet placed strongly in your birth chart. For instance, if you like to have piping hot food, you must have a strong Mars, and/or Mars has a connection with the Moon in your chart. Isn’t it interesting? So, if you are curious to know which food you should eat according to the planetary placement in the birth chart and how it influences your life, you must read this piece of the blog shared by a genuine astrologer in Rathtala, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy). 


Know About Food Astrology First….


The relationship between Food and Planets/Zodiac Signs is generally known as Food Astrology. Hence, we will delve into the facts of how your food habit influences your destiny. Also, we will find out how you can keep your ruling planet happy with thoughtful eating habits. 


Improve/Appease Planet with the Right Food Habit


When you are trying hard to appease a planet with mantra chanting, astrological remedies, and implementing the qualities, try incorporating the right food into your plate to boost the specific planet’s energy. We will start with the Sun, 


  1. Sun Boosting Food: If you are suffering due to the Sun, try having bitter food. Add spices like ginger, red chilies, and pepper to your food. Eat salty food to your diet and citrus food to appease the Sun. 
  2. Moon Boosting Food: If your zodiac sign is Cancer and you want to be emotionally strong, add foods including bread, cookies, rice, and flour-made food to your diet. You can also have starchy and soupy food to enhance Moon’s energy. 
  3. Jupiter Boosting Food: If you are born with a weak Jupiter and your astrologer suggested a few remedies to follow, you can also add Jupiter-related food to your diet. Yellow-colored food includes besan, chana dal, yellow fruits, ghee, nuts, and also tomato, garlic, and aromatic fruit juices. 
  4. Mars Boosting Food: If you have a weak Mars in your birth chart, you should eat red masoor dal, red chili, jaggery, and red-colored food to boost Martian energy within you. 
  5. Mercury Boosting Food: You should add ample fresh vegetables to your diet if you want to appease Mercury. Any fresh green-colored food like broccoli, green moong, banana, apple, and berries are good to enhance the Mercury effect in your chart. 
  6. Venus Boosting Food: To appease Venus or boost weak Venus in your chart, you should eat figs, dates, mangoes, honey, sweet potato, and food that has a strong and sharp flavor. You can also add yogurt and sweets to your plate. 
  7. Saturn Boosting Food: Bitter-tasting food is good for incorporating Saturn’s good quality into natives’ lives. You can also have cold, light, and yellow food if you have weak Saturn in your birth chart. 

The food mentioned above to appease planets is also suggested for donation to have the same great results. Akin to your eating habits, your donation also adds benefits and positivity to your life based on the planets. If you want to know which food you should add to your plate to improve your luck, consult Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), a genuine astrologer in Rathtala. He will guide you according to your birth chart and planetary positions to attain success and revive your destiny.

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