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Indications of Abusive/Violent Partner in Horoscope – Know What Astrology Says

Astrology has all the answers to your queries. Whether it is health, wealth, education, family, property, marriage, or even the characteristics of your husband; you can find out through your horoscope. Marriage is an institution of two souls. Commitment, contentment, honesty, bonding, and understanding are required to carry out the voyage of marriage successfully. However, if one partner becomes abusive and ruthless, marriage goes wrong. So, we will learn how a horoscope indicates the chances of having an abusive partner through Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), the famous astrologer in Dunlop

Astrological Touch Points of Having an Abusive Partner


It is not that only a husband can be abusive. Husband or wife – anyone can be abusive, ruthless, insensitive, dominant, controlling, jealous, violent, and lots more. The good thing is you can know it before your marriage if you visit a genuine marriage astrologer. Let us know which houses should be checked on to understand whether your partner is abusive or not. This will be applied to both, husband and wife. 

  • 1st House or Rising Sign: 1st house shows personality and nature. If the first house is occupied by malefic, it is a clear indication of having an abusive partner. 
  • 3rd House: It is the 9th house from the 7th house, the house of partnership, spouse, and marriage. If this house comes under the malefic aspect or is occupied by any of the malefic planets, the native will suffer from luck in his/her married life. The partner can be abusive in many ways and it can end up with court cases also.  
  • 6th House: It is the 12th house from the house of marriage, the 7th house. The placement of malefic in this house increases the bitterness in marriage. 
  • 7th House: If there are malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars, or even the Sun, married life will suffer. One way or another, natives will be deprived of the happiness of marriage and might have an abusive partner. 
  • 8th House: It sustains the 7th house, the house of in-laws. If malefic planets occupy this house, the husband/wife might have an abusive and cruel nature according to the planet posted here. It can also be the cause of the death of a partner. 
  • 12th House: It is the house of bed pleasure. If this house is occupied the malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, or Sun, the native will not be happy in his/her married life. S/he will suffer from disputes, disagreements, quarrels, and even cruelty in married life.  

Planets Responsible for Abusive Partner in Marriage


We can fight anything, but we cannot fight our destiny. Marriage is also destined. Certain planetary placements make it impossible to survive a marriage. Whether it is domestic violence or an abusive husband or wife, marriage ends tragically. Let us find out the planets responsible for a cruel, heartless, insensitive, or abusive partner

  • Mars: If it is in 1st/4th/7th/8th/12th house
  • Saturn: If Saturn is in the 1st/7th/12th house 
  • Rahu/Ketu: If the nodes are found in the 1st/7th/8th/12th/6th house

Moreover, the placement of the Sun in the 1st or 7th house is also not considered good for a happy marriage. It increases ego and turns a native into an abusive partner without his conscience sometimes. 

On an Ending Note…


Astrology is a vast subject as well as its sutras. So, it is not possible to explain all the sutras of an unhappy or abusive partner in one piece of blog. So, it is advised to consult with a professional marriage astrology consultant if you are suffering in your marriage due to your abusive partner. Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), a famous astrologer in Dunlop is all ears to listen to your marriage issues and help with the best remedy possible. 

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