Relationships and Astrology

Relationships and Astrology: Understanding Compatibility and Communication With Astro Eyes

Are you in love? Are you married? Or you have been in a relationship for a long time and now you are unable to decide what should you do now – marriage or breakup? Well, being married, falling for love, or being in a relationship is a good thing and healthy sometimes. But, if you want to decide the age of your relationship then astrology can be a great tool. Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy) is a good astrologer in Rathtala and he specializes in relationships and astrology, and he has been helping couples solve their relationship issues for years.

So, understand how long your relationship will go and how much compatibility you have with your partner on a conscious and celestial level.  Astrology helps us to identify as well as affirm our inner qualities that our customs/culture cannot always.

Check Relationship Compatibility with Birth Chart

When it comes to communicating and connecting with your partner, it is good to have birth charts of both of you. Birth chart analysis offers a deeper understanding of your partner, and it reflects the compatibility and communication factor between you two correctly. Accurate birth time is crucial to decipher the planetary position in a birth chart and knowing the moon sign, sun sign, and rising sign (Lagna). If you or your partner don’t know the birth time exactly, the moon sign can be taken to decode the basic perspective of your life via astrology.


Dynamic Astrology – Decipher Relationship Quotient

The chart with which you have been born would remain the same, but the placement of planets and stars gets changed from time to time. Thus, dynamic astrology comes into play to predict the current situation of natives and the birth chart will also be analyzed with dynamic placatory placement and conjunctions. In general, 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 12th are taken to predict the age, mode, intimacy quotient, level of communication, and compatibility in a relationship.


Astrology Can Help Star-Crossed Lovers Too

Yeah, you have read it right. If you and your partner are star-crossed lovers who struggle a lot to spend time with each other or sometimes cannot feel anything due to arguments, distances, family matters, and/or other reasons, astrology can help you save your relationship. Astrology can bring back the fire and charm in your relationship and communication that you both long for. Want to know how? Read here how astrological reading actually helps couples,

  • To Uncover Instinctual Traits

Astrology can help you to know what your partner loves and prefers. You can understand his/her instinctual nature when you know his/her moon/sun/rising sign.

  • To Communicate Better

A relationship without communication is a boat without radar. Mercury is the plant of communication. An experienced and genuine astrologer would check the power/role of mercury in a couple’s charts to eliminate the communication problem. It would help you understand which would be the best way to communicate with your partner. Sometimes words are not all.

  • It Helps You Connect Deeply

5th house is the house of romance, joy, and entertainment. Your astrologer will check the 5th house of you and your partner and share with you how you both can enjoy the company with fun and strengthen your relationship.


On a Closing Note….

So, love birds, if you people want to know what your birth charts manifest about your love life, partner compatibility, and communication, don’t make ado to visit a good astrologer in Rathtala, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy). You would enjoy a better love vibe between you two.

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