Understand the Mysticism of Moon

Understand the Mysticism of Moon – The Queen

Moon is the karaka of mind and emotion in Vedic Astrology. In Kalpurush Kundali, it represents the 4th house, the Cancer. Cancer manifests home, mother, female care, emotional nurturing, love, peace of mind, mental health, comfort, happiness of home, mass, and lots more. Therefore, it is very essential to understand the Mysticism of the Moon in your birth chart for healthy living. Today, in this Astro-piece we will learn from a genuine astrologer in Dunlop, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy) how the Moon, the lunar body rules our inner realm, emotional quotient, and behavior continuously.


Moon Makes Us Cry, Murder, or Act Funny – Let’s Understand Why!

Among nine celestial bodies in astrology, the Sun and Moon are the luminaries. Sun is the king and Moon is the queen. However, our discussion remains concentrated on the Moon only for now. It is said that while a strong Moon can make your mind ready for healthy living, a weak Moon ruins your mental peace with several other consequences. Moon is also considered for romanticism, mystery, and eccentric behavior as well. The reason why the moon has been the topic of countless legends, myths, and superstitions from ancient times. It can make a person behave charming and/or mysterious at the same time.


How you will behave with others, how you speak, your intonation, your nurturing ability, emotional level, mood swings, and heartbreak – all depend on how strong Moon you have in your birth chart. To understand the power of the Moon and how it rules your life, consider an astrological consultation with Astrologer Sourav. You will find many answers that directly and indirectly affect your life without your notice.


Why Moon Can Make You Cry, Murder or Act Funny? 

The question may sound funny to you, but it is for real. Let’s understand the logic behind it and find out whether it is scientific or just a myth/superstition. Time to explore the theories behind the lunar effect on human demeanor.


The Lunar Influence

According to scientific theory, the Moon’s gravitational pull influences the water in human bodies, similar to the tides in oceans. If you think of it scientifically, you get to understand that a full moon retains water in our bodies, and the water retention leads to increased mood swings, aggression, and mental health psychosis symptoms.


Psychological Effects

Science does not support much of what astrology says. However, you cannot change the results caused by celestial objects. Let’s understand the psychological factors to explain why people behave differently during the full moon.


During the full moon, we get more light and this increases our visibility at night and wakes us up compared to other days. For some people, this shortens their sleep time and leads to mood swings or irritable behavior.


Cultural Beliefs

In many religions, the Moon’s energy is considered for spiritual inclination and creativity. This belief system has been passed down for years through generations.  Hence, people consider the full moon day as a day of spirituality and engage in self-improving prophecies.


Final Thoughts

Thus far, the belief that a moon can make us cry, murder, smile, and act funny is a matter of confusion and complexity. According to the best astrologer in Dunlop, Astrologer Sourav, it is important to check the position and power of the moon in a native’s horoscope to decipher how he will be affected during the full moon. To analyze and utilize the power of the moon astrologically, visit Astrologer Sourav and secure your mental health with failsafe remedies.

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