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12 Vastu Tips For Pooja Room Design – Easy to Follow

The Pooja Room is one of the important parts of our homes. Whether it is a new home, old home, or apartment if you maintain a few Vastu tips, your home will never lack blessings of the almighty followed by happiness, harmony among family members, and prosperity. Thus, today, through the lens of a Vastu expert and the best astrologer in Dunlop, we will learn how to establish a pooja room according to the rules of the Vastu Shastra at our homes. Whether you are about to establish a new pooja room or renovate your old pooja room, you can follow the tips for sure. 


Vastu Tips for Pooja Room – Must be Followed


The Pooja room is a crucial place in our homes. It is the source of positive energy that helps us drive our lives in the right direction. Hence, to have the best results a few points should be kept in mind when establishing and designing your pooja room. Let us check the points that every Indian home must follow, 

  1. The location of the puja room must be in the East or North-East corner of your home.
  2. The roof of the pooja room should be built in a gopura or pyramid style/structure. If you are thinking of buying a puja temple, make sure the upper structure of the temple maintains the same design. It helps to enhance the flow of positive energy in the pooja space and throughout your home. 
  3. If you are living in a home with many floors, make sure to establish the pooja room on the ground floor. The basement and top floor are not the right choice for a pooja place. 
  4. Never make your pooja room in your bedroom or adjoining the bedroom wall. It is strictly prohibited according to Vastu. 
  5. Don’t design the pooja room under the staircase. 
  6. Your pooja room is a place of peace and sanity. Hence, color the room with light colors like white, light yellow, or blue. Avoid picking up dark colors for it. 
  7. The puja room door should not be a single side door. It should be a two-shutter or double-side door. The door must be built of wood. Make sure the door should have a threshold to restrict the insects from driving in. 
  8. If you are thinking of placing an idol in your pooja place, make sure the idols should not be bigger than 9 inches and less than 2 inches. It is better not to place an idol. You can place photos. 
  9. If you have idols then place them 6 inches above the ground and one inch away from the wall. Don’t store anything above the idol. 
  10. Don’t place any photos of dead relatives in the pooja room. It is considered inauspicious. 
  11. During Arati or puja, you should sit facing the east or north. 
  12. Always light a lamp facing the east and place the lamp in the southeast corner of your pooja room. 

One more thing, never use your pooja room for storage or to sleep. It is considered very inauspicious. 



If you need advice on building/designing a pooja room according to the design or position of your home when the Northeast corner is unavailable, you can visit Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy) the best Vastu expert and best astrologer in Dunlop. Remember, a Vastu-Compliant pooja room ensures happiness and success for inhabitants. 

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