Separative Planets in Astrology & How They Lead to DivorceSeparation

Separative Planets in Astrology & How They Lead to Divorce/Separation

Presently, divorce or separation is very common in couples. Whether it is a misunderstanding, a mistake by chance, or an unfulfilled desire; anything can lead to a divorce these days. The catch is that today couples take less time to get divorced than they get married. The scenario is not just seen in love marriages, but also in arranged marriages are getting divorced. There are countless reasons to get divorced or separated. However, in astrology, we look for the separative planets that take several marriages on the edge of SEPARATION or DIVORCE. Let us understand from a top astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy) about Separative planets in Astrology. 


What are the Separative Planets in Astrology?


According to Vedic Astrology, the Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu are called separative planets. Moreover, the lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are also marked as separative planets. In case, any of the planets among the Sun, Saturn, Mars, or Rahu get placed in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house, it causes a bitter end to the marriage. These combinations create horrible situations in married life and push a couple hard to take divorce or separation. 

Separative Planets and Their Combinations – How Lead to Divorce/Separation?


Now you have an idea of separative planets and houses. It’s time to have a look at the combinations that cause divorce or separation in a marriage. So, let’s dig deep, 


  • If any of the planets, Sun, Mars, Rahu, or Saturn is in the 7th house or aspects the 7th house/lord, it could lead to divorce or separation. 
  • If there is any separative planet in the 4th house, it also causes separation from your husband/wife. Your partner may need to leave his/her home/country due to a job and get separated for a certain time. 
  • If the 7th lord is afflicted by one or more separative planets, it can create possible chances for divorce. 
  • If the 4th house lord is afflicted due to Sun/Mars/Saturn/Rahu, divorce/separation can be predicted on the card. 
  • If the 7th lord makes a combination with any of the separative planets in any house, the chances of divorce are formed. 
  • If the 7th lord is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house in your birth chart, you might have a divorce. 
  • If the 7th lord is in any of the houses including the 6th/8th/12th, and there are malefic like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Sun, or Mars, the strong chances of divorce are indicated. 
  • If the separative planets are placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house and the 7th lord is in a malefic aspect or debilitated, the higher chances of divorce are seen. 

Most importantly, Venus is the karaka of marriage. If Venus is debilitated in the birth chart or it is in the proximity of the separative planets (Sun/Mars/Rahu/Saturn); especially the Sun, it causes divorce or separation. 

On a Closing Note…


Marriage is a lifetime commitment and one of the strongest bonds we share in our lives. However, if your married life is facing troubles due to any of these yoga or planets, don’t hesitate to contact Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), the top astrologer in Kolkata. He is one of the best marriage astrologers in Kolkata and he certainly helps you save your marriage with the best Astrological and Vastu remedies. Contact him now!

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