Vastu Remedies for Happy & Harmonious Married Life

4-Convincing Vastu Remedies for Happy & Harmonious Married Life

Marriage is an ever-lasting bond between two souls. Maybe, in today’s fast-paced and technology-dependent era, the essence of marriage is getting deemed to some extent; however, some people still believe that the institution of marriage is as influential as it was. Thus, if you are among those who believe that marriage is the core of life after the entry of the person you love in your life, this blog is for you. Here, an eminent Vastu specialist cum astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy) shares a few tips through the lens of Vastu Remedies for Happy & Harmonious Married Life for couples.


Practical Vastu Remedies for Married Couples 

Let us reveal the Vastu tips that help married couples avoid tiffs and retain harmony in life.


Vastu Tips for Bedroom

Bedroom has a deep significance in Vastu for married couples. It impacts the married life significantly and weakens or strengthens the life based on your bedroom setup. So, if you want to maintain the serenity of your bedroom, make sure your bedroom is in the southwest corner. If it is not possible to have a bedroom in this aforesaid direction, try to place your bed in the southwest direction at your home. This bed position increases the stability of married life.

Tip: Don’t place a mirror or any electronic device in your bedroom. It attracts negative energy and disturbs the peace which is essential for a healthy married life.


Vastu Tips for Kitchen

You might be surprised to read how a kitchen can be essential to retaining harmony in married life. But, it does. In Vastu, your kitchen is your Mitrocondria, aka the energy house of your home and life. Thus, make sure your kitchen has adequate sunlight, is well-lit, and is situated in the southeast corner of your home. Keep your kitchen free from clutter and organized to ensure a free flow of positive CHI.

Tip: Avoid placing the water sink and oven side by side.


Art and Craft for Married Life Harmony

Yes, you have heard the heading right. Art and craft have eminent power to impact our emotions, feelings, and thought processes. Hence, place Vastu-friendly art, photos, showpieces, or crafts at your home; especially in your bedroom. Choose art pieces or sculptures that reflect love and harmony. Place these pieces/pictures in the northeast or southwest corner of your home.

Tip: Avoid keeping paintings of war, fight, fear, or aggression in your home or bedroom. It disrupts the mental peace and harmony as well.


Indoor Vastu Plants

Yes, indoor plants convey an essential part of maintaining harmony in married life. They contribute more than you think. You can place money plants, bamboo plants, rubber plants, orchids, peace lilies, Boston ferns, jade plants, and lavender at your home. These plants are considered auspicious to retain harmony, peace, and love at your home and the same is applied for the bedroom. You can place any of these plants in your bedroom and take care of timely. Place the plant in the southwest direction for positive results.

Tip: Avoid placing thorny trees like Cactus plants in your home or bedroom to avoid tiffs with your partner.


Wrapping Up, 

For personalized Vastu consultation for a happy and harmonious married life, contact Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy). He is an expert Vastu consultant and genuine astrologer in Kolkata you can consider for consultation.

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