House of Love & Romance in Astrology

House of Love & Romance in Astrology – Impacts of Different Planets Here

Astrology mirrors everything in our lives. From food to health, marriage to property, personal life to the professional realm – each and everything can be deciphered so easily through the lens of Vedic Astrology. Delve into the captivating realms of astrological love as we uncover the House of Love & Romance in Astrology. Discover the unique influences of various planets, exploring their cosmic dance within this celestial domain. Unravel the mysteries of affection, desire, and connection as dictated by the movements of Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and more. Love, romance, attraction, passion for your loved one, the attraction you feel, and the intensity of your love – everything can be predicted through a birth chart analysis. Hence, if you are a passionate lover and you are very curious to know about your love life, this blog is for you. Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), one of the most genuine astrologers in North Kolkata today opens up here about the rise and falls of a love life through his experience, deep insight, and astrological wisdom.

For natives who are deep in love and have already gone through a roller coaster ride in their love life, this blog is going to be their guide for sure.


5th House – House of Love and Relationship

In Kalpurusha Chakra (We call it Blank Chart too in Astrological Terms), the 5th house is known as the house of love and romance. It is also the 11th house from the house of marriage (your 7th house). Thus, the success of your married life also counts on the 5th house. Hence, you can understand how powerful this 5th house is, and how it can impact your love life based on its house lord and planets sit here.


Different Planets in the 5th House & Their Impacts

Let us know how the impacts of the 5th house get changed in love, affairs, and relationships based on different planets. We will also find positive and negative results with the placement of different planets in the 5th house. Let us dive deep…

1. Jupiter in 5th House: Once Jupiter sits in your 5th house, you are blessed with a happy love life. You will meet a partner who will be morally correct and ethical. However, your partner will not be ready to compromise or incur sideways to adjust, and sometimes it creates problems in your relationship.

2. Venus in 5th House: It is one of the best placements one can have. You will have an awesome love life and be blessed with a romantic and creative partner. But, his/her too-perfect nature can bring problems in love life.

3. Sun in 5th House: You will meet your man/woman who will be royal and possess a kingly/queenly attitude. But the sun is also the karaka of superego and self-esteem. Thus, it can bring problems to your love life. You may face adjustment issues.

4. Moon in 5th House: The Moon is a benefic planet but it acts fickle sometimes. So, you may have a person in your life who is sober, has a good nourishing sense, and offers pure love, but he/she undergoes sudden mood swings and spoils the charm of love and romance.

5. Mars in 5th House: Extremely passionate planet and known for self-glory. It is a good sign to have a passionate love life; but comes up with other issues including ego clashes, anger, and arguments.

Other planets like Saturn, Mercury, Rahu, and/or Ketu are not considered good for love life. Saturn induces fear, Mercury offers over-precise nature, and Rahu/Ketu offers instability in love and relationships.


On a Closing Note…

If you are already in love and you are very eager and anxious to know the future of your love life, don’t hesitate to have a Love-Astro consultation. Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), a love astrology specialist and a genuine astrologer in North Kolkata is all here to help you with astrological remedies.

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