Karma & Its Impact in Present Life

How Astrology Helps Understanding Karma & Its Impact in Present Life

Sometimes, we are unable to understand the reasons behind our sufferings. We cannot find the root cause, and out of the blue, we start blaming our karma or present situation for each and everything crushing us from the inside out.

Also, we wonder why all of these happening to us when we have not harmed others. And with no surprise, if you can relate to the same problem, you have landed at the right place. Today, we learn from a genuine astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy) How Astrology Helps understand karma & its impact in present life and what astrology says about it. 


Karma & Past Life – Understand the Fine Line Connection 


Intentionally or unintentionally, we are driven towards such circumstances that compel us to endure pain, sorrow, and stress. These all are the results of the bad Karma we have stored from our past lives.  Karma is the debt that we accumulate through sins, harming others, injustice, and unkind actions from past lives. Whether we want it or not, Karma is carried forward from past lives and we have to repay it in this birth.

Since we cannot remember our past lives, we can take the help of our horoscope to have a snapshot of our past lives through the insight of Vedic Astrology. The certain placement in our birth chart guides us to outline our past life and how it is impacting our present. Even, an astrologer of experience can provide you the glimpses of your future through houses and planets strongly related to your past lives. 


Houses & Planets with Past Life Connection in Astrology

Each house in our birth chart manifests a specific area of our lives. So, when it is all about past life, we need to look at our 12th house, ninth house, Fifth house, and sixth house. Let us understand the role of the houses closely and how they associate with Karma. 

  • 12th House: This house reflects enemies, Karma, and sufferings remain invisible. The Karmic lessons you may have to undergo in this life can be comprehended through the planets placed in this house. Not only the planet but also the Karkwa of the planets influence your life deeply. If this house is empty, it means you have no debt to repay in this birth. 
  • Ninth House: If your ninth house is afflicted, it is occupied by malefic like Rahu or Ketu, or the ninth house lord is debilitated, you have to live your life devoid of luck. All these happen due to your past life actions. 
  • Fifth House: 5th house is our Purva Punnya House. Planet in this house or lord of the house reflects whether you have boon and curse to undergo in this life. 
  • Sixth House: This house reflects your health, disease, enemies, and daily routine, and also says about your Karma (unpaid debts) from past lives. 

Planets associated with Past Lives

Similar to houses, certain planets are associated with our past lives and these are 

  • Saturn: He is the taskmaster and strict teacher. If Saturn is placed in any of the aforesaid houses, you are in Karmic debt. 
  • Jupiter: The planet of fortune, good health, and prosperity. If Jupiter is not placed well in a horoscope, it indicates we have not had good deeds from our past lives. 

Even, considering the placement of Rahu, Ketu, and retrograde planets in a horoscope is beyond important to understand the past life Karma. 

So, don’t get stressed or panicked with your Karmic cycle. But, take the help of a genuine astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Sourav to decipher your soul’s journey through planetary placement. 

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