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Discover the Planetary Combination to Become a Successful Political Leader

Politics is special and it is not the cup of tea for all. However, there are a few who dream of becoming a politician and rule. If you are one of those who have been longing to become a successful leader and are willing to do well for the sake of society, this blog is for you. Today, under the magnifying glass of Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), one of the top astrologers in Kolkata we will shed light on the Yoga’s and Possibilities of becoming a political leader. 

Read this blog and check out how many yoga’s or connections your horoscope has and to what extent it will support your dream to become a political leader

Influential Planets Help Forming Political Career


Planets that work well to kick-start a career in politics are the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Moon as well. These planets showcase the combinations of whether you have the personality and potential to become a promising politician. Courage and fighting spirit – these two are necessary to enter into the field of politics. But, if you want to become a successful leader, you must have other qualities including powerful communication, maturity, wide thought process, power of speech, boldness, mob management skills, diplomacy, and presence of mind and tactfulness to overcome every critical situation.  

Each quality must be on your card if you want to become a social face, a successful and famous leader. Let’s check what planets do in this matter if they are posted well in your horoscope.

  • Sun: It provides power and leadership quality. The position of the Sun is checked primarily to measure the rate of political success. 
  • Moon: It is the 2nd strongest planet to check whether you can be a leader or not. If the Moon is placed well in the chart, it provides a firm mind and the strongest ability to get connected with the mass. 
  • Jupiter: This planet takes care of social image and reputation. The power of justice and ethics in serving people under the umbrella of politics. 
  • Mars: If you are born with a strong Mars, your never-say-die attitude helps you to move forward with the right spirit and confidence, and to do good for people. 
  • Saturn: Saturn is justice. It provides power and desire to do good for the destitute. A good Saturn also boons natives with good interactive skills to get connected with the masses. 
  • Rahu: It should be strong in your chart to play the role well. 

Planetary Combinations for Political Career


Yes, the combinations of planets hold great importance in forming a political career. Let us have a look, 

  • If the Sun is in its own house or exalted, or it is 10th/9th house and Rahu is in the 6th/7th/10th house. 
  • When Mercury is with the Sun in the 2nd/6th/12th house, and Jupiter is strongly placed in the chart. 
  • If Jupiter is in square/trine and the 9th/7th/10th house lord has a strong association with Jupiter.
  • The association of the 10th house or lord with the 6th/7th house or their lords.  

These are a few of many yoga’s that indicate the strongest chance to come into the field of politics and become a leader. 


If you have a strong desire to become a political leader and you want astrological guidance, feel free to meet Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), the top astrologer in Kolkata. Astrology provides you a clarity of thought and helps you make the best decision for sure. 

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