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Saturn In Scorpio Sign – Discover Its Intense & Benefic Results

Do you believe that if I say Saturn in Scorpio makes a native ambitious, resourceful, and a good researcher? If your eyebrows are raised and you are making faces out of surprise, this blog will change your mind and thoughts. Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), the most genuine astrologer in Dunlop would like to explain the energy of Saturn in Scorpio and how to utilize the same to attain success in life. 

So, with no more distraction, let us move forward and unfold the Saturn energy and its Karakata in Scorpio, the 8th house in Kalpurush Kundali. 


Saturn in Scorpio – How It Works!


Saturn is Karmakaraka planet and it can make you or break you. Once it is in Scorpio, the fixed water sign, you can be forced to experience a roller coaster ride in your life. Also, Scorpio is a water sign of extreme emotion. It is the house of transformation, research, critical work (for personal well-being), death, power, sex, and earnings through mysterious ways. Scorpio is a house of occult knowledge, mystery, and deep thinking. Hence, whoever is born with Saturn in Scorpio is forced to face unwanted and unusual transformations in life through pain, suffering, distress, phobia, battles, and humiliation in different phases of life by different people. 

But, we all admit that we learn more through our bad and tough times compared to good times. So, when Saturn is in Scorpio in your birth chart, you are chosen to undergo hurdles because you are worthy. Saturn here breaks you time and again emotionally, mentally, and physically not to harm you, but to make you as hard as iron to come up with flying colors. When people will laugh behind you because of your hard luck and failure, Saturn the taskmaster is empowering you to bring change in the society that others cannot think even.  


Benefits of Having Saturn in Scorpio


Saturn in Scorpio does not make a native weak. But, it makes a native strong that until the native cannot succeed, s/he does not stop trying. So, let us know how Saturn in Scorpio works as a Boon for natives. 

  • Saturn makes natives hardworking. 
  • The native will enjoy power and position but s/he prefers to stay out of the limelight. 
  • The placement makes natives ambitious. However, natives sometimes get ruthless and secretive. 
  • The native will always remain alert and does not allow to pass any information to its enemies. His fear acts as his strength. 
  • If s/he is required to work in a team, s/he chooses personnel who are trustworthy. 
  • Such natives know how to work into the shadow conquering the fear. 
  • You find them involved in deep studies and research that others take as a waste of time or taboo. 
  • Such native knows the true path and point of healing and transformation. 

So, if you are born with Saturn in the intense and mysterious sign Scorpio, the Survivalist, don’t be sad or stressed. Rather you are one of those lucky persons who know the real meaning of being ambitious, tenacious, passionate, a healer, committed, and a psychic that others can dream only but cannot turn into reality. 




If you find it difficult to channel your Saturn energy of Scorpio to push your life forward, you can take an expert’s help. Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), the experienced astrologer in Dunlop is all here to listen to you and guide you accordingly. 

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