Mars in Horoscope

Nature of Husband/Partner Revealed Through Sign of Mars in Horoscope

You have heard so many times that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But, have you ever thought that the placement of Mars in a female’s birth chart says a lot about her partner? If you have not yet then this Astro-blog will be an eye opener. We will learn from a genuine astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy) how the choice of a partner is influenced by the position of Mars in a woman’s birth chart. Sounds interesting? So, let’s not do a further ado but dive deep into the topic. 

Placement of Mars & Revelation of Partner for Women

Celestial bodies and the planets have a significant impact on our day-to-day life, and the type of partner a girl/woman prefers is also can be seen from the sign of Mars in her horoscope. Mars represents power, courage, energy, rage, fighting ability, sports, and how you can do anger management. But, today, we will discover how the placement of Mars (in the sign where the Mars is placed) in a chart of a woman reveals the nature of her husband/partner and the connection she will share with him. Let’s find out the sign of Mars and how it influences the choice of partner for women. 

  • Aries Mars: If Mars is in Aries in a female’s chart, the woman gets attracted to cheerful bold, and independent men. The men must have a strong and attractive physique.
  • Taurus Mars: Women with Mars in Taurus look for wealthy men. Such women desire men who provide them with financial stability, security, and all comfort in life. Men with a good sense of humor attract them. 
  • Gemini Mars: Mars in Gemini compels women to seek partners who are good at communication, speak a lot, are joyful, and are mentally active. A man with wit and a playful nature will fit for such women. 
  • Cancer Mars: Mars in Cancer seeks security and emotional bonding in a relationship. Thus, these women feel attracted to men who are peace-loving, caring, and protective.  
  • Leo Mars: A woman with a Leo Mars gets attracted to men who are well-dressed, confident, and wealthy as well. The man must have social dignity. 
  • Virgo Mars: Women with Virgo Mars want husbands who are intelligent, groomed, and energetic. They want husbands who can help them in the kitchen. 
  • Libra Mars: Libra Mars creates a desire to have a man who knows how to maintain balance in every sphere of life. The man must have social skills and he knows to treat people well around.  
  • Scorpio Mars: Mars in Scorpio in a female’s horoscope creates the desire to have a passionate and highly intuitive man as a life partner. 
  • Sagittarius Mars: Sagittarius Mars drives women towards men who are morally correct, knowledgeable, and have high philosophical thoughts. 
  • Capricorn Mars: This placement of Mars makes women find men who are serious, hardworking, and loyal. 
  • Aquarius Mars: Aquarius Mars drives the desire to have a man who is innovative, unconventional, and adventurous as well. 
  • Pisces Mars: Pisces Mars creates the desire to have a partner who is spiritual, intuitive, and has healing capabilities.  

So, where Mars is in your birth chart? Have you found any similarities with the placements? You can find out more about your would-be partner/husband with the placement of Mars through a personalized Astrology consultation. Contact Astrologer Sourav Chatterjee (Roy), the most genuine astrologer in Kolkata, and reveal more secrets about your future husband.

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